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MAX Programs

MAX coordinates and promotes dozens of programs throughout the year. Each week, MAX members receive a weekly newsletter alerting them to new and upcoming events, which are sponsored both by MAX and by MAX's Community Partners. MAX activities usually take place within a weekend timeframe and, while our events are open to every member, we also do special programs targeted specifically to singles and to couples.

MAX offers multiple tracks of activities:

  • MAX Social includes monthly events: our Chairman's First Friday cocktail mixer; Wooftop Wednesdays with Nick Wade in which Nick explores the rooftop bars of San Francisco, and casual Third Thursday cocktail happy hours at Beaux. We also have smaller events designed to help newcomers more easily get to know MAX and its members. Click here to see a list of upcoming MAX Social events.

  • MAX Foodie offers food-centered opportunities, such as dining out at a new pop-up restaurant, wine tastings, cocktail and cooking classes and more. Click here to see a list of upcoming MAX Foodie events.

  • MAX Forum focuses on educational opportunities, including self-enrichment and personal growth opportunities. Click here to see a list of upcoming MAX Forum events.

  • MAX Entertainment offers arts and culture oriented events, including theater, performances, and museums. Click here to see a list of upcoming MAX Entertainment events.

  • MAX Travel includes trips with in the Bay Area and California, plus international excursions to interesting locations, such as Iceland. Click here to see a list of upcoming MAX Travel events. Download latest information about MAX travel events.

  • MAX Outdoor focuses on hiking and more fitness-oriented events. Click here to see a list of upcoming MAX Outdoor events.

  • MAX @Home lets MAX members open their homes for smaller events that bring people together, such as watching TV premiers, new videos that have been released or playing cards or other games. Click here to see a list of upcoming MAX @Home events.

  • MAX Value offers free events where members pay little to nothing to attend; they just come together, such as going to a movie as a group. Click here to see a list of upcoming MAX Value events.

Would You Like to Put on an Event?

If you would like to put on event with MAX, please email our MAX Concierge at concierge@maxsf.org

584 Castro Street #672
San Francisco, CA 94114
(415) 562-5582

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