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Why Join MAX?

Our members join MAX to form real relationships with real peopleMAX is a fun, open, diverse and welcoming community where everyone is asked to contribute to the group's overall success. Through MAX events, people regularly meet old friends, meet potential friends, lead, support and participate in interesting events, and have fun.

People who participate in MAX include our dues-paying Members and non-dues- paying Associates. We charge dues for three reasons: first, by law, as a 501(c7) non-profit, MAX is obliged to charge dues of its members. Second, we have to cover our administrative costs, such as our website, newsletter, et al. Finally, it takes money to put on the kind of programs we know you want, including programs that are low-cost or even free to attend.


Dues-paying members:

  • Learn of events and opportunities via our weekly newsletter, providing a comprehensive roster of MAX and non-MAX social opportunities
  • Do not pay admission to monthly TGIFs
  • Enjoy discounted pricing related to specific MAX events, such as entertainment and travel events
  • Are able to attend members-only MAX events
  • Enjoy MAX-only opportunities and money-saving offers from MAX Program Partners

VOLUNTEERING: giving to each other

MAX members are asked to contribute to the organization through dues, which cover our costs, and through volunteering to help make our experiences as fun and successful as possible.  Every member is asked to donate a portion of their time to help lead or support events.  It is the ideal way to foster the kind of friendships that truly do last a lifetime.

Paying Dues Pays Back: About MAX Outreach

It's important to us that MAX gives back; that is why we have the MAX Outreach Fund. This is MAX's own charitable fund to which a portion of member dues and proceeds from specific events are contributed throughout the year. Once a year, after we account for expenses, our dues-paying members choose five different non-profit groups to which we distribute the proceeds.


Today's membership dues are priced at the same amount as was charged nearly 20 years ago in the original MAX.

  • Single Membership: $75
  • Couples Membership: $125

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