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Cuba Land Trip

  • 22 Sep 2019
  • 28 Sep 2019
  • Cuba

Last year, out MAX Travelers loved Cuba so much that they wanted to return and spend more time exploring the Island.  

Join us when we stay at the illustrious Nacional Hotel (former Mafia gathering spot), tour the streets of Havana, drink where Hemingway drank, visit Hemingway's home, travel to see the Bay of Pigs and Santiago, cradle of the Revolution.

You will be sure to enjoy the 8 gay bars of Havana along with handsome young men who make any evening there memorable.  What happens in Havana, stays in Havana!

More details will be provided when this trip is announced in the newsletter.

To express interest in this trip, email Phil Walker at: phil@askphilwalker.com

For MAX events that feature alcohol, we strongly encourage you to take public transportation, a cab/Uber/Lyft, walk, or have a designated driver.

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