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MAX Stories

July Wooftop Wednesday: Spirts in the Sky at the Loews Regency

On Wednesday, July10 th , 2019, about 15 men from MAX met for cocktails at Spirits in the Sky, located on the Loews Regency Sky Deck, the highest outdoor venue in San Francisco.

Held on the second Wednesday of each month, MAX SF explores the rooftop bars of San Francisco in an event series we’re calling Wooftop Wednesdays.

The group from MAX had a great time together enjoying cocktails while taking in the stunning panoramic views of San Francisco.

July Elegant Brunch: The Rotunda at Neiman Marcus

On the first Saturday of July 2019, a group from MAX joined MAX SF Programs and Events Chair Nick Wade for an Elegant Brunch at one of the classiest places to eat in San Francisco, the Rotunda at Neiman Marcus San Francisco.

The sold-out July 6th brunch was the premier of a new monthly event series “Elegant Brunch”, in which Nick Wade explores the many opportunities to enjoy an elegant weekend brunch in San Francisco.

The group had a great time getting to know each other and enjoying the fine-dining atmosphere and delicious menu selections.

MAX Pool Party in the East Bay

On Saturday June 22nd MAX held our first pool party of 2019. 22 men joined MAX at the Walnut Creek home of MAX members Andrew and Anthony starting at 2pm.

The temperature was 92 degrees. Plenty of cold beer, margaritas, sangria, wine, and soft drinks were provided and the guys had a relaxing fun time.

Our hosts Andrew and Anthony prepared a veritable feast, a buffet of delicious Mexican food.

Pool games were organized by Anthony starting at 4pm.

Three winners won prizes!

The pool party was a great afternoon of fun, relaxation, and great food!

My Favorite Place: The Blind Butcher

On Sunday June 16th, Jerry Tusan introduced MAX to one of his favorite places, The Blind Butcher. The Blind Butcher is the Castro’s newest premier steak house located on 18th St between Castro and Hartford Streets. The Blind Butcher features a casual and comfortable vibe with a menu that offers hearty main dishes (including both vegan and vegetarian options).

The event sold out with 14 members of the MAX community attending (we filled their largest table). It was a fun time, great food, and great venue!

The MAX group with our waiter Miguel
(who was very popular with the group!)

Memorial Day Weekend In Ashland!

On Friday, May 24th, 2019, fourteen MAX members traveled up to Ashland Oregon for a delightful weekend adventure organized by MAX champion Lorenzo Taylor. After the six-hour journey by van, the group settled into their cottages and gathered Friday evening for a relaxing dinner at the Brickworks.

On Saturday morning, some participants learned more about the Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OSF) during an informative backstage tour, while others relaxed at a Japanese spa or checked out the Creekside farmers and artisans market.

After a lovely alfresco lunch on the banks of the Rogue River near Grants Pass, the group meandered through the lush Applegate Valley and stopped at Valley View winery for a winetasting.

That evening, the group saw “As You Like It” the first of three productions at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Most of the group thought it was thoroughly entertaining with some stellar performances, music, and staging. The female director chose to do several gender-bending twists, including a male coupling.

The group had Sunday brunch and a trolley tour in the nearby historic Gold Rush town of Jacksonville and returned in time for the afternoon matinee of “Hairspray”. The show was uplifting, energetic, and fun, with great vocals and in a groundbreaking more, it featured a differently-able actress in a leading role and some of the group attended a talk back discussion with a lead actress after the play.

Before the Sunday evening performance, the group gathered for an elegant dinner at colorful Hearsay Restaurant.

The final performance was “Mother Road”, which imagined the Joads of today in a sequel to John Steinbeck’s “Grapes of Wrath.” Another well- executed performance, but a little unsettling. As one MAXer observed, “Nicely staged, powerful acting from the old man character. You feel like you are in another world, you can almost taste the dust. In the end we have an unlikely rag tag band of folks finishing a journey not unlike the Wizard of Oz.”

The group returned to the Carlise Garden Suites and spent a while dissecting some of the themes over Applegate Valley wines.

It was a wonderful weekend filled with new friends, great performances, intimate conversations, and great food.

Bourbon Tasting in San Francisco

Thank you to Bruce Cecil and Phil Carberry for a great bourbon tasting event on May 18th, 2019. The event was held at a MAX member’s glamorous penthouse on Telegraph Hill.

As one MAX member said, “I tasted more Bourbon last night than in the past year”.

There was a good crowd, the Kentucky Derby Burgoo stew was outstanding, and everyone had a great time!!

The results for the tasting were:

  • Elijah Craig – 7 votes
  • Woodford Reserve – 5 votes
  • Makers Mark  – 4 votes
  • Knob Creek – 1 vote
  • Bulleit, Jack Daniels, and Jim Beam – 0 votes

April Wooftop Wednesday With Nick Wade: Rooftop 25

On Wednesday, April 10th, 2019, a group from MAX enjoyed cocktails, conversations, and views at Rooftop 25. This was the second of our new series Wooftop Wednesdays with MAX SF Programs and Events Chair Nick Wade, in which Nick invites MAX along as he explores the rooftop bars of San Francisco.

DTLA (Downtown Los Angeles)

On the weekend of March 29th - 31st, 2019, MAX member Phil Carberry led a small group of MAX members on a trip to explore Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA).

The group enjoyed exploring the rooftop bars of DTLA as well as a walking tour which included the iconic Bradbury Building. One member made it to The Broad, LA’s most in-demand contemporary art museum.

Here are MAX members Bob McGuire, Greg Williams, and Phil Carberry at the 15th floor Perch Rooftop Bar.

Here is event champion Phil Carberry and MAX member Greg Williams at the Ace Hotel rooftop bar along with a view from the rooftop.

This is a photo of the iconic Bradbury Building from their walking tour.

The group was very pleased with the accommodations, beautiful public spaces, bars, and restaurants at the stunning restored Beaux Arts Millennium Biltmore Hotel, recommended by MAX’s travel consultant, David Petlin.

MAX Went to the Theatre: Steve and Pre-Show Brunch

On Sunday March 31st, 2019, members of MAX went to see the New Conservatory Theatre Center (NCTC) production of the tragicomedy Steve.

Before the show, some of the MAX attendees met for brunch at Revelry Bistro, a nearby Hayes Valley French-inspired bistro. The food was wonderful, the atmosphere was casual, and the service was professional, friendly and quick. The group had a great time meeting and socializing over Sunday brunch before heading over to the NCTC theatre.

At the NCTC full-service bar, the staff had thoughtfully reserved a table for our group and had even gone out of the way to produce a custom sign for MAX based on the graphic used for the Steve program.

After enjoying cocktails and refreshments at the NCTC bar the group posed for one last photo before enjoying the NCTC production.

The New Conservatory Theatre Center (25 Van Ness Street, San Francisco), is the premier LGBTQ theatre center in San Francisco.

For any questions regarding future MAX events at NCTC or regarding the MAX discount code offered by NCTC, please contact MAX SF Programs and Events Chair Nick Wade at wade.nicky@yahoo.com.

My Favorite Place - Dinner at Beretta

On Sunday April 7th, a large group from MAX joined our new Chairman, Tom Frank, to enjoy a curated culinary dinner at one of Tom’s favorite places, Beretta. Our group of twenty was seated at one long table in the middle of the restaurant. We enjoyed a five course Italian dinner “family style”.

We sampled a variety of contemporary Italian dishes including eggplant caponatina, arugula & fennel salad with shaved parmesan, pizzas (Italian sausage with marinara, b├ęchamel and green onions, and pear pancetta with gorgonzola and caramelized onions), and short ribs. Just as we thought there couldn’t be more food, another course was brought out.

To complement the delicious culinary experience, we also enjoyed a number of very fine wines from Tom’s wine cellar that he brought along to share with the group.

The most meaningful part of the evening was the opportunity to get to know other members of the MAX community while sharing a fine dinner. At Beretta, the pacing of the dishes was ideal, as the staff kept the dishes coming out but provided pauses just long enough to provide an opportunity to get up and visit with MAX members at a different part of the table.

We were thankful to Tom for introducing us to Beretta. Multiple MAX members commented about the positive energy at Beretta, the great food, and the friendly and excellent service.

For dessert, we had a special treat. Our oldest MAX member, Gordon Deegan, was celebrating his 94th birthday. MAX COO Stuart McFaul arranged for a fabulous cake (white and gold with lemon curd filling, Swiss meringue buttercream frosting, with decorations of white chocolate and pearl and gold sprinkles). Gordon loved his cake (as did everyone else)!

Want to introduce MAX members to your favorite place? Contact Nick Wade at wade.nicky@yahoo.com

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