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MAX Benefits

MAX Benefits is a new program for dues-paying MAX members.  It will allow MAX members, local merchants and service providers to offer special benefits – such as discounted prices, special offers, et al – to MAX members.

Initial participants in the program include the following:

Craig Pavlich
Ticket Aggregator

As businesses join the program, they will be added to our master list of service providers. Each participant, their offer(s) and guidelines to secure your offer are offered through an exclusive MAX member-only portal that can be easily accessed through your MAX member account on the maxsf.org website.

If You Have a Business and Would Like to Participate in the Program…

Please email concierge@maxsf.org. Examples of benefits you might provide are as follows:

    • Free products or services
    • Free or low-cost “sampler” (e.g., free 15-minute massage, free 15-minute consultation)
    • Discounted products or services (e.g. specific dollars or percentage off; up to $X off, et al)
    • Discounted products or services tied to a specific dollar purchase amount (e.g., 20% off for all purchases over $50)
    • Timed discounts (e.g., time of day, week or year; examples: 10% off drinks between 5- 7pm, 15% off services between Wednesday-Friday, et al)
    • Free or discounted product/service after X purchases (e.g., one free X after 5 purchases)
    • Certain fees waived (e.g., processing fees waived, etc.)
    • Complimentary X when paying for Y (e.g., a complimentary hand massage when having a manicure, et al)
    • Exclusive MAX member pricing
    • Special access or invitations to special events
    • Low price guarantee (e.g., guaranteeing lowest price of other products or services available in the area)

Download latest information about MAX Benefits.

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San Francisco, CA 94114
(415) 562-5582

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