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Q: What are MAX's tagging codes?
A: MAX's tagging codes include the following:

  • Event date
  • Location (City name)
  • Location (Venue name)
  • MAX Program area (MAX Foodie, MAX Social, etc.)
  • Event host's last name
  • Cost
    • $ = under $20
    • $$ = under $50
    • $$$ = under $100
    • $$$$ = over $100

Q: I know I can get a MAX membership online. How can I pay for it in person?

A: It is always best and easiest to pay for your MAX membership online. If you want to pay for a membership at a MAX event, please the event host, who may have a membership card for you to complete. However, we cannot guarantee these forms will always be available. If your event host has the form available and has access to our credit card gateway, you may be able to pay for your membership at that time. Your MAX host will take your completed membership card and ensure the application info is input. Shortly afterwards, you will receive an email acknowledging your payment with information as to how to set up your account. MAX does not accept cash for membership payments.

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